Bettering Relationships by Degrees

The WhatWomenNeverHear weblog has grown such that new readers especially need a better pathway to help fulfill their female hopes and dreams’. Adopting the idea and applauding the earnestness of Her Highness Michellina, I hereby introduce and open WhatWomenNeverHear University.

WWNHU is tuition-free, online, self-study learning with self-testing and self-graduating features. The main purpose is to organize the WWNH blog into a sequenced plan of study.

MISSION: Provide interested ladies with the philosophical background and motivational understanding to better deal with men in order to improve the welfare of women and children, upgrade the institution of marriage, and enhance fulfillment of female hopes and dreams.

NOTICE: At this time only Orientation, AA, and BA are available, but the  following degrees will ultimately be earnable.

  • AA aka Anxiety Avoidance Degree
  • BA aka Bs Alertness Degree
  • MA aka Monogamous Appeal (Wifely) Degree
  • PhD aka Diplomat of Phemininity Degree

Who knows how far we could go? I wish good luck to enrollees and enlightenment after that. Enrollment begins at the ORIENTATION page at blog top.



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